Piano Bar Passion

Carl-Magnus "C-M" Carlsson is one of Sweden's most popular Piano Bar performers. His live performances at Hotel Tylösand and Sälens Högfjällshotell are almost legendary. C-M started his career as a teenager and soon he became well-known, not only for his musical talent, but also for his ability to create that magical atmosphere that makes you wish that the night will never end. 


When the booking inquiries were getting too many, C-M Carlsson & Pia Dybeck saw the need to start a booking agency in the Piano Bar genre and in 1995 they founded CMC Music with the ambition to custom design top class Piano Bars and piano entertainment. Today CMC Music proudly represents several of the most popular Piano Bar Artists in Scandinavia and collaborates with clients both in Sweden and internationally when it comes to unique entertainment concepts of highest quality for first-class hotels, corporate events, restaurants, night club, shipping companies and for private events.